MARIA is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual actress, model and dancer. As a child, she grew up in naturally beautiful Nagano where she studied art and music, competed in the 100-meter sprint and 80-meter hurdles, and also practiced classical ballet. MARIA competed in national ballet competitions from age 11, debuted as a model at the age of 14 and as an actress at the age of 15. Check out her recent Credits on her Credits Page.

Here’s a humorous bit of trivia. In 2012, during MARIA’s 6th-grade elementary school trip to Tokyo Tower, she had the opportunity to meet the famous Hollywood director, Tim Burton, who happened to be touring the tower at the same time. Maria walked up to Mr. Burton, confidently introduced herself in English then started a light conversation. Before long, they were surrounded by a large crowd of Japanese fans and MARIA suddenly found herself acting as Mr. Burton’s translator. No, she didn’t get an offer to play a part in his next big hit, but she did get a photo with him which still hangs on her wall.

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